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A Distinguished Heritage

Humble beginnings
Today Redrow is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading home builders and developers. However, this is a far cry from its humble beginnings in 1974 when the company started as a small civil engineering concern in North Wales specialising in drainage sub-contracting.

Expansion into main contracting
Over time, Redrow grew in size and started expanding into main contract building and civil engineering. By 1979, Redrow had its own plant yard and offices and had extended its general contracting operations into Cheshire and Merseyside. The downturn in the contracting industry in the early 1980s became a catalyst for one of the most significant developments in the Group’s history, when the decision was made to move into private home building.

Growth of the house-building operation
This highly successful shift in business direction resulted in the formation of Redrow Homes - and, initially focusing on North Wales and North West England, the company quickly established itself as a premium-quality regional home builder. The 1980s and 1990s saw further expansion through organic growth and acquisition with the opening of new regions throughout the UK, and in the spring of 1994, Redrow was floated on the stock market and became a public quoted company.

Planning driven changes
Redrow’s founder, Steve Morgan, left the company in November 2000 to pursue other interests, having successfully helped the business to achieve national acclaim for its product design and build quality. Shortly after this, new national planning regulations were introduced to increase development densities and these demands eventually led to Redrow’s distinguished product range losing its identity. More recent planning trends have now relaxed these demands, once again allowing Redrow to make its mark with products that have character and identity.

The New Heritage Collection - a major step forward
Steve Morgan returned to the helm at Redrow in April 2009 and immediately set about restoring Redrow’s proud reputation for building value-for-money sought-after family homes. With the help of accomplished design and technical teams, he immediately addressed the company’s product range and in February 2010 Redrow officially launched The New Heritage Collection of family homes featuring traditional elevations with up-to-the-minute interiors.

Inspired by Arts and Crafts
Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, The New Heritage Collection brought Redrow back to its core values and is destined to restore the company’s proud reputation as a home builder of quality and integrity, responding to customer demands for attractive, spacious and stylish family properties.

A nationwide company network
From its humble beginnings Redrow Homes now operates across much of the UK with 14 businesses in England and Wales.


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