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Brand purpose

The Redrow way

Redrow is a business at the top of its game, the UK’s fastest growing housebuilder. We have the advantage because of our vision and excellence, by operating ‘the Redrow Way’:

• Passion and pride in everything we do               

• Leading the way in design and build

• A continual focus on quality                             

• Building sustainable communities

• Attention to detail in the pursuit of excellence    

• Great people, delivering world class customer service

Why we need brand purpose

Our philosophy is when you are at the top of your game, keep striving to improve. Aim to be indisputably the ‘Best in Class’. Redrow is already an industry leader. We are out in front, leading the way as a housebuilder. Rather than resting on our laurels, we want to continually improve and get even better.

To achieve our mission it is important to have a clear brand purpose. A brand purpose is an actionable cause, a reason to exist. It’s not just what we do, or how we do it. It’s why we do it.

Having a clear purpose motivates and inspires our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

What is the Redrow brand purpose?

Our purpose is to create a better way for people to live.
We believe that everyone deserves the best home and a better way to live.

What we do
Best in class; superior product, places and people.

How we do it
Delivered ‘the Redrow Way’; through hard work, attention to detail, innovation, passion, pursuit of excellence and communication.

Putting it all together

New strapline

Our strapline has evolved. From ‘Our Pride, Your Joy’ to ‘A Better Way To Live’ to align with the Brand Purpose.