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Protecting and enhancing biodiversity on our developments provides countless benefits to our colleagues, customers and communities. At Redrow we are passionate about bringing the natural environment and surrounding ecosystems into our developments. I’m very proud of the strategy we have developed in partnership with the Wildlife Trusts which will enable us to do this in a more meaningful and consistent way and ensure we leave a positive environmental legacy. Ultimately, this helps us to deliver on our promises of creating thriving communities and giving people a better way to live.


Group Chief Executive


Creating thriving communities for nature and people

Over the last year, we have been working in partnership with the Wildlife Trusts to develop a new strategy for enhancing nature on our developments.

Our vision

To create the best new developments for wildlife where people benefit from access to nature-rich spaces; and to use our activities to increase biodiversity, inspiring other businesses to do the same.

The Wildlife Trusts believe that everyone deserves to live in a wildlife-rich world and for nature to be part of their daily lives. We want communities and individuals to be inspired to act and not only call for, but expect, better places for nature and people. This strategy, developed in partnership between Redrow and The Wildlife Trusts aims to achieve that and we hope it acts as an inspiration to others in the housebuilding and wider construction sector. It’s vital that we build better in order for people and wildlife to thrive alongside one another and to solve the nature emergency facing us all.


Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts

Our commitments

Nature gains

We will create developments that protect and enhance nature - designed with wildlife in mind. We will do this by achieving biodiversity net gain and designing our developments in a way that is naturally beautiful, multi-functional, locally appropriate and connected.

Rewilding lives

We want our customers and local communities to enjoy daily opportunities to experience wildlife and feel closer to nature. To achieve this, our developments will be designed for both people and wildlife and will offer inspiring and engaging ways for people to learn about and care for nature.

Flourishing legacy

We will ensure our developments are tended for the benefit of people and wildlife, providing positive, measurable outcomes. Mechanisms will be in place to help ensure the green spaces are cherished by the local community. We want to leave an inheritance to be proud of; where nature and people thrive together.

Joining forces for wildlife

Redrow were one of the first UK housebuilders to embark upon an ambitious plan to achieve verified biodiversity net gain across our developments.  But we wanted to do more than this; creating nature-rich landscapes that provide health and wellbeing benefits to the communities in which we build, which are maintained with people and nature in mind.  We wanted to create an industry-leading strategy that would help us achieve this, so we teamed up with The Wildlife Trusts who have been helping us to create ‘Nature for People’ - a new strategy which will be implemented across the whole business.

Development that enhances nature

Since setting our target to achieve biodiversity net gains by 2022, the government have announced that net gain will be mandatory for new developments.  Our new strategy will ensure we go beyond the government’s agenda by creating developments that link-in with local ecological networks to make sure wildlife can move easily through the landscape and create new green spaces that are sensitive to the local environment, its character and species.

Rewilding lives

With the average child today only allowed to roam 300 yards from their home unaccompanied and many adults leading increasingly busy lives, access to nature close to home can provide daily opportunities to enjoy the benefits of connecting with local wildlife regularly.  Ensuring doorstep access to nature through the design of our developments and encouraging community participation in the use and care of these spaces are central parts of our new strategy.

Long-term benefits

A critical aspect of our approach to Nature for People is ensuring ongoing care and management of the green spaces and features we create to provide places where both residents and wildlife can thrive for the long-term.

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