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Redrow is proud to be working in partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The green open spaces and new gardens on our developments present an opportunity for us to help the plight of the UK’s bumblebees, whose populations have crashed in the past 80 years. There are far fewer flowers in the countryside than in the past, which means bumblebees are struggling to find food and places to nest. Urban areas and gardens - where there are opportunities to plant lots of flowers - are becoming more important in helping them to survive.

As part of this exciting partnership we have been working to introduce a series of wildlife-friendly habitats around our offices and housing developments to help boost bumblebee numbers and support other local wildlife.

Bumblebee friendly developments

Saxon Brook, Exeter is the UK’s first ever bee-friendly housing development.  We’ve created large areas of colourful wildflower planting around the ponds, an orchard and bee-friendly planting throughout the development.   The aim was to create an area rich in nectar for bumblebees as well as beautiful open spaces for our customers to enjoy.

The Trust was involved from the very outset of the planning of the project, helping to develop the landscaping plans to include lots of planting and habitats suitable to help bumblebees thrive.  They have also been working alongside Redrow’s landscaping contractors advising on how to best design and implement the landscaping and working with the management company to ensure effective bee-friendly management of these habitats into the future.

Most importantly, Saxon Brook residents get to enjoy the benefits of the designs, with lots of open space to enjoy on the development. We have installed a bee walking trail that runs around the development, complete with sculptures designed and created by a local artist. Residents can enjoy walking from their doorstep at the same time as finding out more about bumblebees and enjoying the wildlife within their new community.

We also have bumblebee projects at our developments at Henmore Gardens, Ashbourne and Colindale Gardens, London.

Customer involvement

Across all Redrow developments, we want as many customers as possible to get involved with helping bumblebees.  We have been designing our show-home gardens with planting for bumblebees and have developed a series of leaflets so customers can have a go in their own garden.  In the last three years we have given more than 1,700 free memberships of the Trust to our customers to help promote their important work.

A wider strategy

Alongside this focussed partnership, we are developing a new biodiversity strategy for the business that looks at all aspects of creating new communities where nature can thrive.  This will be rolled out to all of our new developments.  You can find out more about this here.

"We are excited to be working with Redrow to create beautiful and harmonious landscapes for bumblebees that are in tune with nature. As a responsible developer, Redrow could set the industry standard for collaboration with a wildlife NGO"

Gill PerkinsBBCT’s CEO

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is an award-winning charity whose mission is to halt and then reverse the decline of bumblebees.  They do this by raising awareness and increasing understanding of the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits that bumblebees provide.  They undertake habitat delivery, awareness raising and public engagement to achieve their mission, blending scientific credibility with a friendly practical approach.  Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website here to find out more about their work