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Redrow overview

Our purpose is to create a better way for people to live. A high quality lifestyle for our customers delivers growing returns for our shareholders.

Brand purpose

Redrow is a business at the top of its game, the UK’s fastest growing housebuilder. We have the advantage because of our vision and excellence, by operating ‘the Redrow Way’:

Our focus

As one of the UK's leading residential housing developers, our purpose is to create a better way for people to live. We build beautiful homes efficiently, responsibly and sustainably, delivering a high quality lifestyle to our customers and...

Creating value

We care about the quality of homes we build, the people who help build them, the communities we create and the society in which we live.


Our philosophy is to create a better way for our customers to live. We do this by creating thriving communities, building responsibly and valuing people.

Strategy in action

Key to delivering on our corporate promise of building efficiently, responsibly and sustainably, our business is driven through a combination of innovation, communication and co-operation. Implementing our strategy whilst engaging...

Our history

Over 40 plus years, Redrow has grown from a small civil engineering enterprise in North Wales to become one of the UK's leading housebuilders and a FTSE 250 company.


An active, committed board of directors with diverse and complementary skill sets.


Industry awards provide independent recognition of our efforts to provide high quality, sustainable developments; our innovative approach to business; and our commitment to investing in our people.


All the latest sustainability news.