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'Customer First' our approach to delivering excellent customer service

Over the last year, we sold over 4,000 homes. Throughout that time we’ve been measuring how happy our customers are and how likely they are to recommend us to other people.

With more importance being placed on good customer service than ever before, we’ve been working on a company-wide customer service strategy, aptly named ‘Customer First’. We’re committed to making continuous improvements in customer service and we are targeting an increase in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) over the course of the year.

Over the last 12 months we have implemented a number of positive changes across the business, including;

  • An organisational restructure of all customer service departments
  • New handover policies for finished homes allowing more time for any remedial works
  • A re-engineered customer journey, proactively introducing the customer service team at the earliest opportunity and developing relationships
  • Updates to the website and bespoke customer service management software
  • Brand new web and app platforms to support our customers

Over the next few months we will finish rolling out the most comprehensive improvements to customer service that Redrow has ever seen, helping to ensure we give our customers the best experience possible.

Embracing new technology & local communities

While each new development creates a new community, it also connects with an existing community nearby, and we believe in building links to ensure that our developments integrate seamlessly with local life. For instance, at Saighton Church of England Primary School in Chester – close to our Regent’s Grange development – we worked alongside teachers, parents and pupils with a film crew from Redrow TV, to take children on an exciting journey into the past and explore the origins of the local area.

During the Second World War, the Regent’s Grange development was a former military training camp, so we helped the children produce a film exploring the history of the site, uncovering fascinating information about camp conditions and the army exercises that took place there. The aim was to bring local history to life, building the children’s awareness of their own community and helping them to appreciate the area in which they live.


It was a pleasure to partner with the school and work alongside children who were so excited by their historical discoveries. When the film was complete, we held a special screening during the school assembly, and subsequently helped the children to bury a time capsule – including a newspaper, photographs of the village and school, and a Redrow teddy bear – at Regent’s Grange.

Through cutting edge communication like this, we are able to strengthen further the connections between Redrow, our customers and the communities they support. It helps ensure that quite apart from just leaving a legacy of beautiful homes, we make an additional and lasting contribution that will filter down to future generations.