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A brand new £2billion garden city for the 21st Century, within five miles of Cardiff, delivering up to 7,000 new homes and all the facilities of a fantastic place to live.

Key stats

up to 7000

new homes

30% affordable


community contributions

including 5 new schools



around 40% green space

A garden city for the 21st century

From the outset, Plasdŵr has been planned using Redrow’s placemaking principles and inspired by Ebenezer Howard’s ideal. Characterised by a vibrant ‘town centre’ with green spines radiating from it, and five district neighbourhoods, each with its own character, Plasdŵr will be a flagship example of garden city planning.

Sustainable community

To ensure its sustainability, Plasdŵr has been designed so residents have everything they need within the community including four dual or triple entry primary schools, plus a secondary school with up to 2,000 places. Community facilities will feature throughout Plasdŵr, with one main centre featuring shops, offices and community buildings and three further local centres each with a central square and a primary school. Providing an abundance of informal and formal areas of green space has been key to creating the garden city environment at Plasdŵr. 

The community at Plasdŵr has an opportunity to embrace a new way of living. If new residents throw themselves into a culture of active travel, sustainable living and community, Plasdŵr has the potential to be an inspiring example for other developments."

Mari Arthur

Former Director of Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales)

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