We constantly focus on materials, emissions and waste in the process of creating sustainable communities to minimise effects on the environment.


We continue to focus on the efficient use of materials, water and energy in our activities

Objective 2015 2016 2018 target Progress  
Total waste produced per 100m² of build 9.84 tonnes per 100m² 9.76 tonnes per 100m² 7.5 tonnes per 100m²
Waste diverted from landfill 92.6% 94.8% >95%
Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions 2.57 tonnes CO2e/100m² 2.61 tonnes CO2e/100m² 10% reduction
Site water consumption 21.01m³/100m² 14.66m³/100m² Reduce m³/100m²
Responsibly sourced timber 99.82% 99.83% 100%
% of build materials locally sourced 93% 93% 95%
% of subcontract labour employed 89% 90% 95%
Improvement/level maintained Decline

our key achievements

Responsibly sourced timber in our homes


An increase from 99.82% in 2015

Waste produced


A 0.08 tonne/100m² decrease from 2015

Site water consumption


A 30% reduction in site water consumption compared to 2015

Wilton Hill

Community engagement finds ways to recover waste.

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our current projects


We’ve been working to increase the number of paint cans that are recycled from our sites

Species Conservation

Protecting Sand Martins’ nesting habitat

Flood Alleviation Works

Encouraging ecological benefits as well as flood prevention

Sustainable Construction Training

How sustainability affects roles across the business

Amberley Waterfront

Green Roof helps drainage and ecology

Sustainably Sourced Timber

Our excellent progress continues


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