Who are our Stakeholders?
How do we engage?
Financial Institutions Banks, Shareholders, Bondsmen, Insurers, Investors We publicly disclose to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annually as well as engaging with financial institutions on a one-to-one basis. The CDP is an international, not for-for-profit organisation providing a global system for companies to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information.
Government and Regulators UK Government and Local Authorities, Welsh Government, Building Regulation Advisory Committee for Wales We engage in dialogue at all levels of Government and associated regulatory bodies on policy, including climate change, sustainability and energy. We work proactively with local authorities in a partnership approach at specific development level. We are active participants in Government consultations.
Industry bodies, Trade Associations
Home Builders Federation, Zero Carbon Hub, National House Building Council, Modern Masonry Alliance and Confederation of British Industry
We maintain active senior Redrow representation within key organisations covering all aspects of our business.  
Suppliers and  sub-contractors We adopt a positive partnership approach with all our suppliers and sub-contractors to continually improve our working relationships and to assist in developing innovative products.
Academia Nottingham University, Liverpool John Moores University We maintain dialogue with academic institutions to assist in development of new products and processes to meet the challenges posed by sustainability requirements.  
Land owners Individuals,  Land Agents, National Trust, Homes and Communities Agency, Ministry of Defence, Local Authorities and Health Authorities We work to build mutually beneficial relationships and solutions to unlock development sites.
Statutory authorities and service companies Utilities companies, Public Transport companies We seek proactive engagement with utility and other service companies to deliver well designed services to our customers which optimise natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.
Customers Our comprehensive customer service charter and quality management processes are informed by extensive independently produced customer surveys covering aspects of our design as well as satisfaction.
Employees Our employees are critical to enabling us to attain our sustainability objectives. We have re-established our Green Teams to assist with integration of sustainability throughout the business and we communicate our objectives through our intranet ‘Redroweb’ and in our staff magazine ‘INSight’, as well as through specific newsletters. Annual staff appraisals seek to assist in career development and continued performance improvement. An extensive suite of internal training courses is provided in-house at our bespoke training facility, Training@Redrow, which also supports graduate, under-graduate and apprentice training programmes.  We are also developing a range of e-learning modules focussing on sustainability.
Landlords – Housing Associations We work closely with Local Authorities and Registered Social Housing providers to deliver affordable housing tailored to meet the needs of the community.
Local communities Community Land Trusts, General Public, Ward Councillors, Management Companies We work with communities to ensure local needs influence the shape and form of our developments and we continue to explore new ways of enabling this communication. We maintain close communication with Management Companies to ensure a legacy of quality in our developments.
Charities We engage with charities, community care bodies and community support organisations on a national and local scale and encourage our staff to actively engage in charitable works.
Competitors We work with our competitors to deliver successful, sustainable communities through consortium development and actively work together through trade organisations to seek solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.
Non-governmental Organisations We are an active member of the Next Generation Benchmarking initiative and have been a member of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Global and Forest Trade network since 2003. This year we have been negotiating new partnerships with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Bumblebee Conservation Trust as we increase our efforts to improve biodiversity on our developments.