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Sustainability risk table


Risk aspect

Mitigation Actions


Effective community engagement

Working closely with communities to develop solutions to shared challenges and creating developments that will leave a lasting positive legacy.


Remaining committed to the Considerate Construction scheme by signing up all of our construction sites to be independently assessed as part of the programme.   

Buying land and creating great place to live

Promoting sustainable development principles throughout the land procurement and planning process.


Implementing an approach to placemaking, through our Redrow 8 design principles, which seek to create attractive places to live, influence healthier lifestyles and instil a strong sense of community spirit.


Creating new or enhancing existing wildlife habitats and better connecting people to them through thoughtful design of public spaces.

Designing sustainable and energy efficient homes for all

Ensuring a customer focused approach which ensures their views are at the heart of our design process.


Setting ourselves high standards of design quality which drive us to continually build energy efficient and healthy homes.


Delivering sustainable and socially cohesive communities formed by a diverse mix of housing types and tenures.

Creating healthy and safe working environments

Setting and maintaining high standards of health and safety, across the whole business, through a disciplined and systematic approach.

Maintaining high levels of build quality and customer service

Addressing new and emerging issues in product design and delivery through a specialised Group Design and Technical function, supported at Main board level.


Assuring the consistent delivery of high build-quality levels through the deployment of robust internal control and inspection procedures.


Adopting a customer first culture and approach which is closely monitored and evaluated across every Redrow site.

Minimising the environmental impact of operations

Minimising the adverse environmental impacts of our activities through the implementation of an accredited environmental management system.

Responsibly sourcing goods and services

Procuring all goods and services in a responsible and ethical manner through stringent arrangements, overseen by a Group level management function.  


Developing collaborative relationships with our supply chain partners, based on fairness and mutual respect, to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions.

Attracting and retaining employees

Providing an industry competitive salary and an extensive range of benefits to employees.


Creating inclusive and diverse workplaces by deploying an equality and diversity policy which clearly defines how every existing, or prospective employee, is protected against unlawful or unfair discrimination.

Training and developing people

Developing talent through structured trainee programmes for; trade apprentices, office apprentices, higher apprentices, undergraduates and graduates.


Providing in-house training facilities and structured training programmes for all our employees. Supported by a dedicated Group level Learning and Development Team.


Adopting formal appraisal processes and career development planning right across Redrow.

Inspiring the next generation to build

Developing plans that proactively engage with education institutions across the UK, encouraging young people to pursue careers in construction and housebuilding.


Forming partnerships and developing programmes to highlight and support ways for people of all ages and backgrounds to access opportunities at Redrow and the wider industry.