Incorporating green space has always been a priority. We focus our efforts on more tailor-made habitats where nature can thrive.



We are delighted to continue our partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) into 2018.



Redrow is proud to be the first UK homebuilder to partner with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT), an award-winning charity, established in response to concerns over the observed crash in bumblebee populations.  The Trust seeks to reverse bumblebee population declines by 2020 through raising awareness and increasing understanding about bumblebees and the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits that they and other pollinators contribute.

As part of this exciting new partnership we have committed to introducing a series of eco-friendly habitats around our offices and housing developments to help boost bumblebee numbers, and support other important pollinators and local wildlife.

At our development in Old Park Village, Pinhoe, Devon, BBCT is providing us with specific guidance and advice for our landscaping design to create pollinator friendly habitats.  To raise awareness with our customers we have developed a co-branded seed dispenser tray and free packets of pollinator friendly seeds for all of our sales offices, together with co-branded PR material such as a “Gardening for Wildlife” leaflet, seed-impregnated change-of-address cards and welcome cards.  Our partnership has also inspired a bee and nature themed bedroom design at our  show home at Windsor Park,  in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and development of “eco-garden” choices for our MyRedrow customer options portfolio are in hand.  

Meanwhile, closer to home we have worked with BBCT to create pollinator friendly landscape areas in the parkland around our head office at St David’s Park, Flintshire, where staff recently enjoyed bumblebee safaris with Sinead Lynch from BBCT to identify species and find out more about these amazing creatures.  

Visit the Bumbleebee Trust Conservation website to find out more.

“We are excited to be working with Redrow to create beautiful and harmonious landscapes for bumblebees that are in tune with nature... As a responsible developer, Redrow could set the industry standard for collaboration with a wildlife NGO” Gill Perkins, BBCT’s CEO.


Wildlife Garden at St David's Park, Flintshire
Redrow staff enjoy a Bumblebee Safari with Sinead Lynch of BBCT


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