From creating communities to ensuring the efficient design of our homes, our commitment to all areas of sustainability is a growing priority.

our approach

Our success depends upon our reputation in improving the environment and quality of life for our customers, the communities in which we operate and our people. Our sustainability strategy guides and measures performance...


We recognise that the design of both the home and the wider development influences our customers' lives, impacting on health and well-being, security and their sense of community and place. Good design can also help people to...


As well as maintaining our high standards of customer service and satisfaction, we are broadening engagement with our customers to focus on sustainability issues. This is important as the way our customers live in their new Redrow...


We are proud of the positive contribution we make by providing local economic development opportunities and encouraging the establishment of sustainable communities. A blend of comprehensive community consultation and a...


Our performance is largely dependent on the qualities and abilities of our employees and we invest heavily in their development and training. We are proud of our success in attracting talented young people into the industry. The growth of the business has enabled us to create 231 direct new jobs this year with an estimated further 500 jobs created within our subcontractors and supply chain.


The nature of our industry means it is imperative that we take account of potential impacts on the environment. We are focusing on our use of materials, reducing our carbon emissions and waste as well as improving ecology in the process of creating sustainable communities.


Incorporating green space into our developments has long been a priority for us but these partnerships focus our efforts on further enhancing some of those areas with tailor-made habitats where nature can thrive.


Identifying risks and opportunities from economic, social and environmental matters and embedding sustainability into our corporate strategy enables us to create value whilst meeting the evolving needs of our stakeholders and the societies in which we operate.


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