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Our partnership

Redrow is proud to be working in partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT)

An award-winning charity established in response to concerns over the plight of bumblebees, whose populations have crashed in the past 80 years.  The Trust works to support the conservation of all bumblebees through raising awareness and increasing understanding of the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits they provide. As part of this exciting partnership we have been working to introduce a series of eco-friendly habitats around our offices and housing developments to help boost bumblebee numbers and support other important pollinators and local wildlife.

Bumblebee Friendly Developments
At our Saxon Brook development in Exeter, for example, the Trust has been working alongside Redrow’s landscaping contractors advising on how to best design and manage the site. This has led to pollinator friendly planting across the site, including wildflower meadows around the ponds.  The Trust have also been providing guidance on the best way to maintain the planting in the future to ensure the benefits of all of our bumblebee friendly activities are felt long after our developments have been completed. Most importantly, Saxon Brook residents get to enjoy the benefits of the designs, with lots of open space to enjoy on the development. We have installed a bee walking trail that runs around the development, complete with sculptures designed and created by a local artist. Residents can enjoy walking from their doorstep at the same time as finding out more about bumblebees and enjoying the wildlife within their new community.

Raising Awareness
Across all Redrow developments, we want as many customers as possible to get involved with helping bumblebees. As part of our partnership we will be running competitions, designing children’s educational tools and working with schools and community groups to raise awareness and help get everyone involved. Redrow are also buying membership of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for our customers on selected developments who are interested in taking this worthy cause up themselves.

A Wider Strategy
The approach taken at Saxon Brook is just one example of the many ways that Redrow is rethinking how we can design our developments with nature in mind. We are developing a biodiversity design framework as part of our wider biodiversity strategy. This ensures that planting and landscaping features that support bumblebees and other wildlife are incorporated in all of our designs and best practice for conservation is a standard feature on all of our developments. Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website to find out more about their work.   “We are excited to be working with Redrow to create beautiful and harmonious landscapes for bumblebees that are in tune with nature. As a responsible developer, Redrow could set the industry standard for collaboration with a wildlife NGO” Gill Perkins, BBCT’s CEO.