Fire Safety

Our response to legacy fire safety issues

We have consistently said that we believe the housebuilding industry should play its part in resolving the issue of legacy fire safety in high rise buildings and that the financial burden should not be borne by leaseholders.


We have signed the UK Government's pledge and the Welsh Government's pact regarding the remediation of life critical fire safety issues in buildings over 11m that we developed in the past 30 years. 


On 13th March we also signed the UK Government’s Self Remediation Contract (Long Form Agreement (LFA)). You can read our signed copy of the Long Form Agreement here.


On 18th April we signed the Welsh Government's Pledge Deed of Bilateral Contract. You can read our signed copy of the Pledge Deed of Bilateral Contract here.


We have formed a remediation strategy for the buildings we identified as part of the pledge commitment and commenced works on a number of buildings. 


You can read our signed Developer's Fire Safety pledge letter (England) here.


You can read our signed Welsh Pact (Wales) here.


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