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Land buying with integrity

By choosing Redrow, landowners get more than good money – they earn respect. For choosing a thoughtful developer that considers the surrounding area, creates sustainable communities, and delivers real value – to everyone involved.

Our division may have ‘Lancashire’ in its title, but we already develop in some parts of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, primarily areas that were within the pre-1974 historic Lancashire borders. However, I’m now looking to push our boundaries a little further south and am keen to hear from landowners and agents with opportunities we can pursue particularly in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Warrington, Tameside, Oldham and Lancashire.

Claire Jarvis

Managing Director, Lancashire

From one careful owner to a thousand new ones

Landowners understandably care about their land – and so do we. We consider the surrounding area and create sustainable communities that respect their homes and where they live. Delivering real value – to all involved.

When others scratch the surface, we dig deeper

We like to build genuine, long term relationships with the existing communities around where we buy land. Our set of 8 placemaking principles make us uniquely qualified to ensure we quickly understand the area. 

Where the smart money lives

It’s important to think about long term value when selling land. With our talented team of land and planning experts and unrivalled product on board, your land suddenly becomes more valuable. 

Buying land for the futures of families

When landowners work with us, they’ll not only earn good money, they’ll be helping to create a sustainable community for countless generations to come.