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Maximising land values

How we do it

How we deliver land value through development is key to our business. It’s never just one single thing but it’s about the entire process. At Redrow we have the right expertise, scale, structure, understanding and technical know-how, as well as a robust and flexible product range that allows us to deliver maximum value consistently over time.

Expertise and experience

Our divisional structure across England and Wales means we have the relevant in–house experts and local knowledge of the planning system with a proven track record going back more than 40 years.

A robust process

Our process is thorough, flexible and robust. We can identify and asses land opportunities quickly and efficiently to bring to a speedy and profitable conclusion. We offer competitive and flexible land deals to suit every situation including outright purchase, conditional contracts and joint ventures.

Right first time approach

Because of our scale and experience we can call on the expertise of all company departments to ensure the first permission is implementable, without the need for costly and time consuming further permissions.

Strategic partnerships

At Redrow we take a holistic approach to the development process. We work closely with landowners, key stakeholders, communities and local authorities to ensure the principles of collective land ownership, long-term stewardship and land value appreciation are for the benefit of the whole community.

Award winning product range

All our experience and technical expertise would be worth little if it wasn’t for the homes we build. The Redrow product has become synonymous with quality and is the cornerstone of the business itself. Our commitment to the quality of design, build and specification sets us apart from our competitors. It regularly means we achieve a superior sales rate and a significant increase in sales value, which give us additional competitive advantage.