Redrow launches 'It can only be Redrow' marketing campaign as its new research reveals the property features most coveted by buyers

2nd January 2019

‘It can only be Redrow’ will communicate what makes a Redrow home different highlighting the importance Redrow places on attractive, functional design and will showcase the attention paid to creating beautiful streetscapes, contemporary, open plan living spaces at the heart of every home, high-end kitchen diners, bespoke bathrooms and bedrooms all designed to suit the needs of modern day living.


Ahead of the campaign launch, we spoke to more than 2,000 British adults to reveal their most desired property features. We are constantly looking to update the design of our homes to reflect what our customers want and undertook this survey to better understand the attitudes and preferences of would-be buyers, recent first-time buyers, trading-uppers and downsizers


The survey uncovers exactly what buyers covet most when visiting the homes of friends and relatives, and what their biggest turn-offs are, revealing that top of any buyer’s wish-list is a home with its own swimming pool or hot tub (26%). 24% of respondents meanwhile are envious of a friend’s or relative’s garden or outside space. When it comes to respondents’ biggest turn-offs, however, both homeowners and would-be buyers take a more practical stance, with more than half stating that a lack of parking would put them off buying a property. In London, where public transport is more accessible, 74% would be prepared to compromise on parking.


A lack of natural light was also a gripe of just under 50% of those looking to purchase a home, and would also put more than a third of people off their friend’s property. A cluttered home or one with poor heating and ventilation is also considered by more than three in ten people as big turn-offs when visiting someone else’s home.


Our homes are light and airy, with plenty of space for possessions and storage and areas that are designed to encourage interaction and forming connections. They are also generously proportioned, with an average home measuring 121 metres squared, compared to the national average of 67.8 metres squared.


Dave Bexon, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Redrow, comments: “For us, attention to detail and considered design are all important and it’s these aspects which ensure our homes stand the test of time and create real value for their inhabitants. Understanding our customers and their needs and desires is key to ensuring their love of our product continues, so undertaking this research was very important to us. Despite the question mark of Brexit, right now is a good time to buy a high quality new home, with interest rates comparatively low and Help to Buy available, meaning buyers need only put down a 5% deposit.


“Our survey findings show that a lack of natural light can be a significant contributing factor to a person’s decision to buy a home, with just under half of all respondents turned off by this. In each of our homes we seek to maximise light where possible with large windows and glazing where possible. For example, the homes in our Heritage Collection, which were inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, benefit from large bay windows that flood the living spaces with light and light, airy and modern interiors.


“It’s no surprise that appropriate and sensitive parking provision is a key requirement for many respondents. Our sales teams on the ground report that many of our buyers question this aspect when viewing with us and it’s the key reason many particularly favour our Heritage collection which includes dedicated parking, either on-drive or with a purpose-built garage.


“Our findings confirm how important layout is to buyers. A property with an awkward layout could put almost half of potential buyers off a home, which is why the use of technology in the marketing process is so important. Improvements to technology over the last few years has allowed our customers to visualise layouts and floorplans and consider how their furniture might fit within a property. We have found that the open plan kitchen, dining and family areas in particular in our Heritage Collection homes prove very popular with buyers at all stages of the market.”


Our campaign will be promoted nationally via our social channels, property portal advertisement and direct mail.