Redrow introduces innovative low-carbon home pilot

10th November 2021

Redrow will pilot its first gas-free, low-carbon home as part of its drive towards becoming a net-zero business– and in line with its wider sustainability commitments. The pilot is one of a number of trials being undertaken by Redrow as they seek to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes whilst also enhancing the overall experience for their customers.

The launch of the trial coincides with Energy Day at the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26) when global leaders will be discussing the transition away from fossil fuels.

It also comes hard on the heels of the Government’s recently announced Heat and Buildings Strategy and the unveiling of Redrow’s own Net Zero targets.

The innovative trial is being conducted at Redrow’s Langley Grange development, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. Louise and Holly Sandow, along with their two children, Jack (13) and Beau (4), will be the first family to live in a Redrow home enabled with Wondrwall Energy technology.

Wondrwall technology is designed to turn any house into a sustainable, energy efficient home by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and renewable energy.

The intuitive system operates by automatically controlling heating, lighting, security, safety, and entertainment, with voice control technology and a mobile phone app.

Wondrwall’s complete home automation, gas-free heating (including infrared heating panels and intelligent hot water cylinder), solar PV and battery storage solutions are being installed in Redrow’s Oxford lifestyle house type.

The technology learns and works around occupants, observing how they live, which rooms they spend the most time in and how they use heating and lighting.

During the trial, the home will be paired with a ‘control’ house next door that doesn’t feature the updated technology. Louise and Holly will trial the technology and provide feedback to Redrow for one full year, including a full winter heating season.

Redrow will collect data on the overall energy efficiency and thermal performance of the home to evaluate the home’s carbon footprint and to assess the viability of offering the technology to future home buyers.

This trial is fundamental to Redrow’s commitment to building responsibly and will help Redrow to define its approach towards zero-carbon homes. Trials are also taking place to assess the viability of air source heat pumps as an option to meet the requirements of the Future Homes Standards.

Wondrwall’s AI-powered home automation, intelligent heating with solar PV and smart energy management system can help achieve fuel savings of between 33% and 50%, with the accompanying emission reductions.

The technology complements Redrow’s existing “fabric first” approach towards sustainable design, which ensures that improvements to the building fabric and the services in its homes provide the most effective way of reducing its customers’ energy consumption and bills.

Julia Green, Head of Sustainability at Redrow said: "This pilot with Wondrwall is just one example of how we are exploring new technologies to develop the low-carbon homes of the future. These trials enable us to understand the practicalities of living with different technologies when for decades we’ve all been used to gas boilers.  Its key for us that whatever solutions we adopt to achieve reductions in carbon are also easy to operate and affordable to run."

 Daniel Burton, Wondrwall CEO, added: "In a week where the world’s focus is on tackling climate change, we’re thrilled that one of the UK’s leading house builders is announcing its first all-electric, low-carbon home powered by Wondrwall technology.

“We’re confident that Wondrwall technology will allow Louise and Holly to experience the comfort of living in an intelligent home that will drastically reduce their energy bills, help Redrow achieve its decarbonisation objectives and enable society to take another step towards Net Zero."